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Applied Category Theory Tools for Teaching and Learning Mathematics Hillsborough Campus, EC208Ted Theodosopolous Communication: Integrating SEL Skills to Build Communities of Inclusion and Belonging Hillsborough Campus, EC212Lisa Hinshelwood Community Building Through Improvisation and Creative Movement Hillsborough Campus, EC108Helen Wicks Effective Tips from a High School Student and Faculty Member to Help Develop Successful Group Project Dynamics in 5th-12th Grade Classrooms Hillsborough Campus, J209-210Charlotte R • Pearl Bauer Empowering Student-Centered Learning: Navigating Blended, Self-Paced and Mastery-Based Strategies in the Classroom Hillsborough Campus, J201-202Avery Balasbas Empowering Student-Driven Research in Secondary Education Hillsborough Campus, EC113Kian S • Max Manning • Michael Sarboraria • Oliver Cho How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming the Foundational Fabric of Our Society Hillsborough Campus, LibraryCarlos Guestrin Igniting Curiosity: Embracing Interest-Based Learning in Elementary Education Hillsborough Campus, I-Lab 118Katie Kelly • Sarah Merkt Play With Your Food: Unlocking Sensory Learning using Fruits and Vegetables Hillsborough Campus, EC112Michelle Greenbaum The Next Chapter for Social Media and AI Hillsborough Campus, CaféKevin Systrom The Path of the Hero: Inspire your Students by Understanding the Hero within us All Hillsborough Campus, EC101Lori Mustille What do Students Really Think About Generative AI? A Panel with Nueva Upper and Middle School Students Hillsborough Campus, BallroomWes Chao

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Friday, October 27

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Adapting a School Timetable to Support Competency Based Learning & Assessment San Mateo Campus, 1204Morgan McLaughlin Beyond Brain Breaks: Embodied Learning San Mateo Campus, 175CZubin Mobeshahi Classroom Civil Discourse in a Polarized Society San Mateo Campus, 340Thane Richard Design the Impossible: Using Liberatory Design to Transform Systems of Power (Part 1 of 2) San Mateo Campus, 112-113Angi Chau • Alegria Barclay Educators as Futurists: How Do We Move From Teaching Young People How to Prepare for the Future, to Empowering Young People to Shape Their Futures? San Mateo Campus, 316-317Lisa Kay Solomon From Miscommunication to Motivation: Building Positive Adult and Adolescent Relationships San Mateo Campus, 318-319Rosalind Wiseman How to Craft and Scaffold Writing Assessments for MS and HS Students with Producing Difficulties San Mateo Campus, 1202Alexa Hart • Gretchen Kellough Learning Differences Simulations with REEL2e San Mateo Campus, 1102-1105Abby Kirigin Redesigning with Students: The Power of Student Voice and Student Action in Rethinking Education San Mateo Campus, 217Krishunda Penn Pearson Surviving and Thriving through Challenging Times San Mateo Campus, 219Robert Evans Teaching Climate Change for Awareness, Ardency, and Action San Mateo Campus, 346Zach Brown Teaching with Twists: Balancing Core Curriculum & Student Agency San Mateo Campus, 103Paul Hicks The Game is Changing. We Can Change With It. San Mateo Campus, WRCCornelius Minor Visible Learning through Documentation San Mateo Campus, 208Saraleah Fordyce • Carolee Fucigna

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Adding Jeopardy-style Games to Your Toolbox: Medical School Lessons Learned Incorporating Gameshow Reviews and Team-based Learning San Mateo Campus, 346Yeuen Kim Building Connections With Texts Through Journals San Mateo Campus, 208Saraleah Fordyce • Michael Washington Design the Impossible 2: Using Liberatory Design to Transform Systems of Power (Part 2 of 2) San Mateo Campus, 112-113Angi Chau • Alegria Barclay Extending the Reach of Peer Tutors San Mateo Campus, 218Jennifer Perry • Jennifer Paull I See You: SEL Sight Lines into Identity for an Inclusive School Community San Mateo Campus, 340Joe Tchen • Janice Toben I, Not Robot: Creating Authentic Writing Assessments in the Age of A.I. San Mateo Campus, 1102-1105Claire Yeo • Allen Frost Making Sense of Spelling with Structured Word Inquiry San Mateo Campus, 1202Rebecca Loveless Philosophical Faculties and Facilities: Studio-Based Learning in Senior Social Sciences San Mateo Campus, 1204Morgan McLaughlin Reimagining Support for Parents of Gifted Learners: How Embodied Practice and Group Processing Can Ground us in Our Values San Mateo Campus, 1206Aviva Jacobstein, LCSW • Amy Hunt Roll Into ILC: Make Your Own Sushi and Spring Rolls San Mateo Campus, 1103Michelle Greenbaum Tangible Equity: An Instructional Framework for Identity, Excellence, and Leadership In and Beyond the Classroom San Mateo Campus, 219Colin Seale Teaching for Student Well-being and Belonging San Mateo Campus, WRCDenise Pope What Brain Science Tells Us Youth Need to Thrive, and What Parents & Teachers Can Do About it San Mateo Campus, 175B-CJen Silvers

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